Wedding photoshoots in nature: worth it or not?

In Greek language photography meaning is drawing with the light, so we could say, that phototographer is as a painter, just without a brush. Each photo is purified, observed and captured moments for eternity. Expression at faces, nature turns, sticts or notionals forms merge with each other and creates inimitable, always unique photoshot. To name wedding photos mute would be an insult – this day is magical, covered in specific atmosphere and filled with emotions. I like to catch these moments, moreover a photo can tell more than words or actions. Secrets of life, beauty, happiness – those are the photos.

Contemporary wedding photography differs from historical black and white shots, but it also has tendentions. Communicating with couples I always advise to evaluate everything according to yourself and if it matches – to respect, if the attitude is different – to search for your own way. Sometimes people think, that photography session in nature is too simple, not modern and doesn’t ask for attention. I would say it’s false unless you chose a photographer who doesn’t have much experience and skills, one who is afraid of nature’s tricks.

Nature – unrevealed magic, every time fascinates with different colours and expressions. Let yourself to find it, because it’s one of the best experiences, which you can give to yourself. Why? Natural light resources are revealed in nature, the sun’s rays are breaking and gives reflections on different surfaces. These are personal expressions, which can change with a few steps. Shadow can give romantic sanctuary on a hot day and the mist can give dramatic background.

You can feel free in the nature – pose if you wish or just enjoy the environment. If the wind blows you can correct your hair, pick a tiny blossom or look at a bird with wide wings. Nature gives freedom and naturalness.

Moreover – nature matches every step in the trends of weddings photography. For example, photo-corners in the sanctuary of nature are getting more and more popular. Fascinating shadows or near water scenes, where sun’s rays are playing. These corners give solid colours and a theme for the background. Wedding photographer can suggest how to match personality to a photo-corner – it’s a wise choice, because it’s much easier to pose with different properties.

Wedding photographers sometimes advise to change nature into different environment because of subjective reasons (for example, short trip or worries about rain), but the result is worth of efforts. Like you’re enjoying sun rays kisses in early spring, you can enjoy nature’s treasures by creating your love story for a wedding album.

Wedding photographer is the only person who has magical powers to capture the thrill of the moment, to tell a story with one shot, to express emotions and attitude. Ask photographer to share this power with you and he’ll agree.