Steps to choosing the right wedding photographer

Wedding is a special occasion in one’s life. Usually pictures that capture your wedding helps you to cherish those special moments and relive them later in life. It is said that sometimes everything seems nicer in the pictures – but does it really? A good photographer does not create the image on his own, he just finds the best perspective in which you can see a perfect harmony of the moment. A photographer is able to stop the time, capture these beautiful moments which makes us feel those emotions again as we look through the pages of photo album. Now, you may ask, where can I find a photographer like this?

First and foremost – do your research about the artist. The majority of photographers have their own galleries on the internet. Don’t be close-minded and check out several artists. Soon you will notice that every photographer has his own specific style and makes his own twist on every photo. You have to like a photographer’s art sincerely because his style will reflect in your personal photos one way or another. So while choosing an artist to capture your wedding , you have to be sure that you like how this person is working.

Wedding photographers usually operate while doing reportage photography or portrait photography. Most of the time couples ask for both kinds of pictures, but only you should decide on what kind of pictures you want. Reportage photography is photographic style that captures a moment or event in narrative fashion, for example, images tell story. On the other hand, in the portrait photography you can see more of posing. You should go through wedding photographer’s work on social media or his own site and then it will be easier for you to decide on what kind of pictures do you prefer.

If you have chosen a certain photographer whose work you enjoy so much that you would let him photograph your wedding – do not hesitate and contact him as soon as possible.  Wedding photographers not only on weekends, especially during the season, are extremely busy, so the winning couple is the one who books their time first.

Feel free to contact the photographer and have a little chat. Don’t feel uncomfortable to ask certain questions – this is the only way to disperse your doubts and the photographer will be able to see what you expect from him and what kind of ideas you have.  While chatting don’t forget practical things – always agree on photographer’s work duration, pay, the period of time while pictures must be submitted. Every other couple is usually avoiding certain questions because they are afraid to get into uncomfortable situations or insult the artist, but these fears are only psychological barrier , a true professional will always answer your questions comprehensively. For a photographer , it is crucial that couple trusts him in every sense of this word – only mutual collaboration will bring great results. By the way, don’t  forget to ask about the equipment that a photographer is using. Even though you are not an expert in this kind of gear, to ask about it is a must. Bearing in mind that the quality of pictures depends on the skills of photographer, so certain picture ideas, lack of equipment can make impossible. Discuss everything with the photographer so on your wedding day his preparation will meet your expectations.

After meeting the photographer, spend couple of days thinking about the decision you are going to make.  You will learn a lot of new information , get inspired , so at the moment it can be difficult to make a right choice. You have be sure about your decision and trust the photographer you have chosen.

The majority of photographers are usually offering a wide variety of services. This will expand your abilities to use your wedding photos and enjoy them even more. You should discuss the number of pictures and their representation with photographer beforehand. A photographer can give you printed photos or send them to you in digital format. An artist can also make a photo film out of your wedding pictures, so that would be a great choice if you are planning to celebrate your one month anniversary with family guests.

Some newlyweds are often scared by photographer’s work term – during the season your wedding photos can take about couple months. This term is completely normal, but we know that people are usually very excited to receive their photos as soon as possible. In this case, you can ask your photographer to deliver your photos in parts. Anyway, long term does not mean that the photographer is working slowly or unprofessionally. This mean that a good wedding photographer gets a lot of bookings so that’s why you need to wait for photos for a while.

After choosing the right photographer, you should meet up with him for a cup of coffee. In this meeting you can discuss the wedding plan, the details of ceremony, places that you want to be photographed in and props. To sum up, you should plan all day and make a list of “must-have” photos. Always pay attention to photographer’s advice because wedding photographers visit more weddings than anyone else and they see other’s mistakes, so their advices are worth their weight in gold.