Steps to choosing the right wedding photographer

Wedding is a special occasion in one’s life. Usually pictures that capture your wedding helps you to cherish those special moments and relive them later in life. It is said that sometimes everything seems nicer in the pictures – but does it really? A good photographer does not create the image on his own, he just finds the best perspective in which you can see a perfect harmony of the moment. A photographer is able to stop the time, capture these beautiful moments which makes us feel those emotions again as we look through the pages of photo album. Now, you may ask, where can I find a photographer like this?

Wedding photoshoots in nature: worth it or not?

In Greek language photography meaning is drawing with the light, so we could say, that phototographer is as a painter, just without a brush. Each photo is purified, observed and captured moments for eternity. Expression at faces, nature turns, sticts or notionals forms merge with each other and creates inimitable, always unique photoshot. To name wedding photos mute would be an insult – this day is magical, covered in specific atmosphere and filled with emotions. I like to catch these moments, moreover a photo can tell more than words or actions. Secrets of life, beauty, happiness – those are the photos.